Mobile App Release #PoweredByVersl

Recently I was invited to test the first ever mobile app platform for Artists, Djs & other Professional Brands (Powered by Versl). I received the invite to participate and help launch this new app via DJ Kayotik, an international professional DJ, Radio/TV personality with CW 33 TV and 97.9 The Beat (1/4 of the Veda Loca Morning Show) and K.G. Graham, the CEO/Founder of Cosign Magazine and I must say, it was an honor. This app is a game changer! It allows professional artists such as myself to cut out the middle man (shady record labels) and deal with supporters and fans directly. My team now has even more control over the content that is put out, as well as image & branding. I am able to focus solely on making the best music possible without having to stress over revenue, industry politics and well.... the music "BUSINESS" side of things. This new app makes it a breeze. It uses the best of Google, Apple and Microsoft technology to provide an AMAZING experience for the user. Can't wait for the new "" mobile app to hit the market! ...To be continued....(Powered by Versl).

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