Rapper's Delight | 5:30-7 pm and 8:00-9:30 pm | Masks Req.

Bishop Arts Theatre Center, 215 South Tyler Street, Dallas

Rapper's Delight is a hilarious family comedy about a gangstah rapper who discovers that he can't curse because of his daughter's prayer.

Ever wonder how a rapper who's made his living dropping F-bombs survives in the rap game WITHOUT them? Well, fasten your seatbelt and get ready to laugh your butt off, as SPOON, his 9-year old daughter DELIGHT, and his wife SUNYIKA, try to navigate their "new normal" -- with 24 hours before the biggest audition of his life.

Two shows: 5:30 pm & 8:00 pm.

Doors open at 4:45 pm- approximately.

45 mins before the 5:30 show.

Length: The production runs approximately 80 mins with one 15-minute intermission between Acts 2 and 3.

PARENTAL ADVISORY: Rapper's Delight tackles some hot topics and issues impacting our young people and our families. It is striking a chord with ALL ages, however, it does contain about 3 "choice words". None of those begin with an F or an MF but we do recommend "PG 10" if you're sensitive about four-letter words that begin with an S.