I was recently presented with an offer I couldn't refuse...Vice President over the Music Division at Power Broker MGMT.

Power Broker Management is a full-service management conglomerate with divisions specializing in the areas of Fashion, Film, Music, Publishing, Radio & TV, Special Events, Sports, Talent Management, Theater, and Touring.Β 

Founded on January 11, 2011, Power Broker Management has been orchestrated to be one of the most explosive and dynamic companies to hit the scene since the likes of No Limit Entertainment & Violator Management, breaking ground in the early 1990’s; Bad Boy Entertainment in 1993; the Roc-A-Fella Empire arriving in 1996; Roc Nation in 2008; and more recently Quality Control in 2013 and Scoremore in 2014. The purpose of Power Broker Management is to foster growth and cohesiveness between the businesses and talents it manages, and the rest of the world. Possessing exceptional leadership, unparalleled competency, and years of combined experience in the entertainment industry, Power Broker Management is a definite juggernaut and guaranteed force to be reckoned with.Β 

Power Broker Management is the brainchild of entertainment industry veteran Keio Gamble. Considered by some to be unorthodox and staying true to his talent as an exemplary visionary; he has assembled a team of executioners to carry out the purpose, vision, and duties necessary to attain the levels of success desired by all. The day-to-day operations will be led by Keio Gamble (CEO), Chris Marshall (President), and Ashante Hughes-Curry (Senior Vice President); along with an all-star cast of Vice Presidents as the divisional leaders and Directors as the departmental leaders.Β 

Power Broker Management has the legal support and professional guidance of some of the entertainment industry’s leading and most prolific attorneys.Β 

Talent, Executives, and Investors are encouraged to contact Power Broker Management at 214.527.7524 to set an appointment for consultation. This is an opportunity to board a soon to be high-flying vessel while it is still at ground level……… β€œOpportunity doesn’t go away; it just goes to someone else.” 

www.powerbrokermanagement.com will be re-launching in January 2021.

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